Common Back Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling has been a pastime for well over one hundred and fifty years.  Throughout the many iterations of bicycles, however, one thing has remained more-or-less the same: it can be a dangerous hobby.  With no airbags, no insulation from shock, and nothing between you and the road, a cycling accident can spell disaster for your

Taking over a Botched Case

Over the course of your career, you are likely to see dozens, if not hundreds, of Pro Se Plaintiffs or disgruntled former clients of other attorneys coming to your office seeking help.  Many times, the potential new clients will bring cases dangerously close to the statute of limitations or cases already on filed in jeopardy

Providing a Statement After an Accident

If you have had an accident in recent months, the at-fault party’s insurance claims adjuster may ask you for a recorded statement. In most cases, the insurance company will call you over the phone after you have filed your claim to take your statement. When you give a statement, it can expedite the investigation resolve

Truck Accident Statistics

Commercial trucks are on the road everyday, carrying items we need all over the U.S. While many trucks operate safely, some do not and accidents happen. When a passenger vehicle is hit by a large commercial truck, their injuries are typically more severe than if they had been struck by a smaller vehicle. Below is

What does “Full Coverage” mean?

The phrase “full coverage” is often used. What does it mean, exactly? Unfortunately, not a whole lot. “Full coverage” means different things to different people. An insurance agent will tell you it means one thing, a bank will tell you another, and an attorney will tell you yet another. So what should it mean to

What Are Depositions For A Motorcycle Accident Case?

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have piles of medical bills and are missing a great deal of time from work. While some accidents are fairly easy to settle, others can be more difficult. If you sustained serious injuries in the accident, you may seek compensation by filing a lawsuit.

Car Accidents: Causing More Damage Than You Think

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle accidents result in serious consequences across the country. That includes the roadways of Scottsdale, Arizona. The data maintained by the NHTSA reveals the following about motor vehicle accidents in Arizona for the last year in which full statistics are available: 770 fatalities 199 alcohol

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Some motorcycle accidents may be attributed to the operator error; many others are due to irresponsible driving of other vehicles. You could need a motorcycle accident attorney. Motorcycles involved in multiple vehicle crashes, and a few single motorcycle crashes could have been caused from motorcyclist crash avoidance measures. You should contact a motorcycle accident attorney.

When Should I Hire an Insurance Lawyer?

In order to know when you need to hire an insurance lawyer, you need to know what an insurance lawyer does. And to know what an insurance lawyer does, you need to understand what insurance is for. Insurance is designed to protect us against unlikely, expensive accidents. Things like medical bills, car accidents, home repairs,