If your loved one was abused or neglected in a nursing home, you may want to speak to an experienced nursing home lawyer Las Vegas, NV trusts. No elderly adult deserves to be abused or neglected by those responsible for providing care. A skilled lawyer may help your family obtain fair compensation if your loved one was the victim of nursing home abuse.

Types of Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

When people place their loved ones in nursing homes, it’s expected that they will be treated well and care for properly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Some nursing home patients experience abuse and neglect, which may result in pain, disability, and even emotional distress. Here are the types of abuse and neglect a nursing home lawyer in Las Vegas, NV may help victims get compensation for:

Physical Abuse

While it’s hard to imagine, some nursing home patients are abused by the medical professionals who are supposed to take care of them. Physical abuse involves physical force that may result in bodily harm, injuries, and pain. Inappropriate use of restraints and force-feeding may also be considered forms of physical abuse.

Mental Abuse

Nursing home patients may also experience mental abuse, which can include threats, insults, and emotional manipulation. While this type of abuse doesn’t leave any physical scars, it may lead to mood swings, depression, low self-esteem, and social withdrawal.


A nursing home lawyer Las Vegas, NV depends on may also help individuals who have experienced neglect in nursing homes. If a nursing home worker fails to execute the degree of care that’s expected of someone in his or her position, this person may be held liable for neglect. Nursing home neglect may include failure to provide necessary medical treatment, failure to assist with bathing, and failure to address illnesses and injuries.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is also something a nursing home lawyer Las Vegas, NV relies on helps nursing home patients get compensation for. This type of abuse can occur when a patient is forced into sexual activity against his or her will.

How Can a Nursing Home Lawyer Help?

A qualified Las Vegas nursing home lawyer may help you file a lawsuit against the nursing home that neglected or abused your family member. He or she may assist you in gathering the necessary evidence, such as the patient’s medical history and witness testimony, to prove your case.

Your family member deserves justice if your elderly relative was abused and a nursing home lawyer Las Vegas, NV counts may help him or her receive it. During your first meeting with a lawyer, he or she may assess the damages your loved one may be entitled to so that your family may receive fair compensation.

Many nursing home lawyers work on a contingency basis, so yours will most likely take a percentage of your winnings. If you do not win your case, you won’t owe your lawyer any money.

Do not wait to hire a qualified lawyer to handle your family member’s nursing home abuse case. If you are looking for a nursing home lawyer Las Vegas, NV offers, contact Nadia von Magdenko & Associates at 702-830-9662.