As motorcycle riders know, there is nothing quite so free as flying down the highway on a motorcycle. However, riding in these vehicles can be very dangerous, and riders are always at risk of an accident.

Here are some preventative ideas that can keep a motorcycle crash from occurring out of nowhere.

  1.   Recreational biking

Most motorcycle riders travel at responsible speeds, but some don’t. Speed seriously enhances the possibility of drifting into another lane, leaving the roadway and hitting an embankment, or a side-slide into oncoming traffic. Always follow speed limits and slow down for inclement weather or traffic changes.

  1.   Following too closely

When driving a car, following too closely might end with a quick stop, a fender-bender and possible whiplash. On a motorcycle, it could mean a projectile dive into a truck tailgate, or an ejection and slide over a car hood. Awareness is key to preventing accidents. Motorcycle riders need to allow room for themselves when maneuvering in traffic and around other vehicles.

  1.   Using the freeway for a motorcycle debut

A motorcycle takes significant experience to handle at freeway speeds. This means that even though a motorcycle safety and licensing test was recently passed, the rider’s skills are not necessarily up to curve negotiation, sudden rough pavement and abrupt lane-changes commonly encountered on busy freeways. The National Agenda For Motorcycle Safety provides standards for quality motorcycle rider training courses that should be taken before braving the freeway.

  1.   Riding while intoxicated

Drinking and driving can be dangerous in a car, and disastrous on a motorcycle. The navigating skills needed for riding a motorcycle are significant and require much attention to detail. These skills are dulled considerably when a driver is intoxicated. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation report that fatal crashes of motorcyclists are greater than those for people in other vehicles. If you ride a motorcycle, be sure to have an alternative way home if you decide to drink.

  1.   Lane splitting

Why not? There is room between cars, and furthermore, it’s legal in California. However, just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Many car drivers are not aware that a motorcycle can suddenly appear on their passenger side. Unavoidable incidents like a flat tire or something in the roadway can cause a car to swerve, even slightly. That movement could be enough to seriously injure or even kill a rider on a nearby motorcycle.

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