Personal injury claims are on the rise not just against individuals, but against businesses as well. When facing a person injury claim, a business is at risk of losing a potentially harmful lawsuit and the consequences that follow, including a rise in insurance premiums. As a business owner, you must take necessary measures to protect your business against potential personal injury claims. Seeking experienced counsel and taking proper action can help prevent injury, and thus, lawsuits that may harm your business. Below are tips on providing a safe workplace and protecting your business from personal injury claims:

1. Provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Despite efforts to keep the workplace safe, injury in the workplace is still possible. Providing your employees with workers compensation insurance benefits both the workers and the business. In the case of an injury, workers comp will provide the injured employee payments for medical expenses as well as interim wages. As a result, the employee in not able to sue their employee, therefore, protecting your business against personal injury lawsuits.

2. Carry Business Liability Insurance
Carrying adequate business liability insurance is another way to protect your business from personal injury claims. Liability insurance can protect against bodily and personal injury, advertising injury, slander or libel and property damages. If a claim is filed, the insurance will typically provide a defense attorney for the business, and funds for settling claims or damages.

3. Reduce Risks Where Injuries Are Likely
Keeping your workplace well-maintained is essential to maintaining employee safety. Thorough inspections should be performed regularly to check the work premises and surrounding areas for any potentially hazardous spots. In the case of leaks, loose floorboards, holes, etc., repairs should be made as soon as possible. Until repairs can be made, any potential danger zone should be sectioned off or marked with caution cones and signs to prevent access to the area. Additionally, ensure all areas of the workplace are up to safety standards. Refusal to do so may result in violations, damages and unforeseen accidents.

4. Maintain an Organized Workplace
Organization of equipment and supplies can often be forgotten as a safety hazard prevention. Out-of-place or piled objects and clutter can cause injuries by falling and obstructing paths. Be sure that all work equipment is in its designated place, and all clutter is kept away. It is important to keep all walkways and access areas clear so that employees and customers can safely navigate through them.

5. Properly Train and Instruct All Employees
Lack of proper work training and instruction can result in the injury of an employee. Each employee should be thoroughly trained to use the equipment and tools used in the workplace, as well as given clear instruction of work procedures and processes. Training and instruction should be given on a regular basis to ensure safety and prevent potential accidents.

6. Provide Safety Information
Safety posters should be posted in common areas and visible locations throughout the workplace. Emergency contact information should also be readily available in case of an accident. Workers should regularly be reminded of safety tips and concerns by means of the workplace email and intranet forum. It’s important to provide any necessary information that can aid in preventing and/or handling potential accidents.

7. Reserve Potentially Hazardous Tasks for Off-hours
Custodial and construction tasks in the workplace, including mopping or use of power tools, can create unsafe spaces and the potential for injury. To prevent any possible accidents, these tasks should be reserved for closed business hours, weekends or other times in which the business is not busy. In any case, prevent customer access to areas of potential danger.

Following these guidelines will ensure a safe work environment, benefitting both the business and your employees. In the case that you are faced with a person injury lawsuit, contact a personal injury lawyer such as the Personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN locals trust for legal guidance and counsel.

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