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If you want the best motorcycle attorney Las Vegas offers you should consider Nadia von Magdenko & Associates. For decades, we have been helping people get justice for their pain and suffering after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle accident. These cases are often complex and require an ample amount of time to investigate the incident and build a strong defense. For this reason, the sooner you contact the best motorcycle attorney in Las Vegas, the better the outcome of your case may be. Call Nadia von Magdenko & Associates now.

Motorcyclists are at a very risk on the road. Every year, 5,000 people die in motorcycle accidents and an additional 100,000 people are injured. Per mile driven, motorcyclists were 29 times more likely to die in an accident than an occupant of a passenger vehicle. They were about five times more likely to be injured. So how do most of these crashes occur? Here a motorcycle attorney discusses some of the most common causes.

1. Left Turns
The most frequent cause of motorcycle crashes is the driver of a passenger vehicle who turns left in front of the motorcyclist. Even when the motorcycle’s lights are on in broad daylight, a motorcycle still presents a smaller and lower profile than other vehicles in traffic. Most passenger vehicle drivers who caused accidents with motorcycles say that they never saw the motorcycle, or they saw it too late.

2. Pulling into Traffic
Nearly as common as the left turn scenario is when a driver of another vehicle fails to yield to traffic and pulls into traffic from a side street or private drive. Again, this presents the issue of not seeing the motorcycle or seeing it too late to avoid a crash. In these scenarios, the motorcyclist typically has the right of way.

3. Lane Changes
Experienced motorcyclists don’t want to ride in a blind spot of another vehicle, but sometimes traffic conditions force them to do so. When a motorist executes a lane change without checking their blind spot, the rider of a bike in that blind spot might have little room to maneuver to avoid being hit. Lane change accidents can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists when the driver of another vehicle is weaving in and out of traffic.

4. Rear-End Collisions
Motorcyclists who are rear-ended in stop-and-go traffic can actually sustain some very severe injuries. The force of the impact can lift the rear wheel of the bike into the air and flip the rider forward onto the pavement. It could even throw the rider into oncoming traffic, where he or she could be struck by another vehicle.

5. Poor Road Maintenance
Potholes might be a minor nuisance to cars on four wheels, but they can lead to a catastrophe for a motorcycle on two wheels. Excessive gravel on pavement might cause a motorcyclist to slide out, and hitting any large animal like a deer could result in catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Whether or not you were wearing a helmet, the injuries sustained in a crash can be serious or even fatal. The best motorcycle attorney Las Vegas respects can be familiar with a number of injuries such as:

  • A traumatic brain injury;
  • Paralysis or permanent disability;
  • Neck or spinal cord injury;
  • Loss of limb;
  • Severe internal bleeding;
  • Severe friction burns;
  • Thermal burns (from a ruptured fuel tank); and
  • Extreme bruising or scarring.

There’s no question that motorcyclists are sometimes at fault for their own injuries too, especially when speed and inexperience figure into the equation. However, many motorcycle accidents occur because of other drivers’ mistakes. If you were injured in a motorcycle crash as a result of the carelessness and negligence of another motorist, or a family member died from one, call the best motorcycle attorney Las Vegas clients recommend as soon as possible. Every law-abiding motorcyclist has the right to share the road with other vehicles, so don’t hesitate to contact a Las Vegas motorcycle attorney if you were wrongfully injured while riding.

Why Choose Nadia von Magdenko & Associates

When you are seeking the best motorcycle attorney Las Vegas residents depend on, you likely want to make sure he or she is equipped with certain attributes that can get you the results you are looking for. By choosing  Nadia von Magdenko & Associates, you can feel confident in knowing:

  • Our lawyers fight tooth and nail for clients;
  • There is typically no fees unless we win;
  • We have recovered millions of dollars in damages;
  • We have a 97% success rate;
  • Voted as ASLA’s Top 100 Lawyers and Top 40 Lawyers Under 40;
  • Recognized as one of Nevada’s top lawyers in 2016; and
  • Considered to be a 2017 Clients Choice by Avvo for personal injury lawyers.

When it comes to working with the best motorcycle attorney Las Vegas has to offer, you should consider Nadia von Magdenko & Associates.

Avoid Guessing About Your Legal Rights

After an accident insurance companies may try to blame you, or partially blame you, for the collision. Their bold statements and empty promises could quickly mislead you into making statements you don’t mean. Or worse, you might even be discouraged from contacting the best motorcycle attorney Las Vegas trusts for further advice.

Don’t let insurance companies manipulate or take advantage of you. All you need to know and remember at this point is that you have legal rights and there are laws that may work in favor of your situation. Las Vegas best motorcycle attorney Nadia von Magdenko will listen to what you have to say and let you know what options are available to you.

By having an attorney on your side, compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, emotional grievance, and funeral costs may be available.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with best motorcycle attorney Las Vegas can count on, please call today.

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