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When it comes to construction site accidents, they can affect workers of the site as well as non-workers. Our personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV from Nadia von Magdenko & Associates may be able to help you get compensation for your injury if either scenario describes you.


In the U.S., construction workers are provided with safety training to help them to prevent injuries and harm, but accidents occur regardless. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nearly one in ten workers on construction sites are injured. When this happens, the worker may be eligible for workers compensation or another form of compensation. At Nadia von Magdenko & Associates, our personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV has assisted many victims in getting a fair settlement whether through workers compensation or third-party litigation.


When someone who did not work on the construction site was injured, they too may be able to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against those responsible for their accident. It is not uncommon for construction site passersby such as pedestrians, motorists, or bicyclists to suffer a serious injury when debris from above falls on them.


Seeking Compensation for Damages


If negligence contributed to the non-worker’s injury, a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV might seek compensation for damages based on the theory of negligence. Liable parties might include one or more of the following:


  • Construction worker
  • Construction company
  • Contractor
  • Sub-contractor
  • Manufacturer (in cases of defective products)


If any of the above parties are found to have engaged in a dangerous activity that directly caused your injury, they may be held strictly liable. In this scenario, your personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV will need to provide proof that the defendant acted negligently. In demonstrating their burden of proof, they will need to demonstrate four criteria:


  • The defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff;
  • The defendant breached that duty;
  • The breach caused the plaintiff harm; and,
  • The injury led to a loss.


What You Should Do After a Construction Accident

Following a serious construction accident injury, consider taking the following steps:


  1. Get medical attention.
  2. Report the accident to your employer if you’re a worker.
  3. File a police report if you’re a non-worker.
  4. Take pictures of the scene and injuries, if possible.
  5. Get the contact details of any witnesses.
  6. Follow your doctor’s treatment orders.
  7. Save any documents related to your injury.
  8. Do not admit any fault.
  9. Do not talk with any insurance company but your own.
  10. Call a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV from Nadia von Magdenko & Associates.

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV?

If you were injured at a construction site, you may greatly benefit from hiring a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV from Nadia von Magdenko & Associates. Though you sustained a serious injury, insurance companies are notorious for not paying victims fair compensation if they do not have a lawyer. Some of the factors that can help you decide whether or not to hire legal representation include:


The severity of the injuries. The more severe the injuries, the more you should consider having a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV.


If you don’t know who was at fault. If you believe negligence to be a factor but are unsure about who is responsible, a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV can help you determine liability.


The number of defendants. If there are several liable parties, a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV can pursue each one to ensure you recover maximum damages.


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