According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle accidents result in serious consequences across the country. That includes the roadways of Scottsdale, Arizona. The data maintained by the NHTSA reveals the following about motor vehicle accidents in Arizona for the last year in which full statistics are available:

  • 770 fatalities
  • 199 alcohol related fatalities
  • 254 speeding related fatalities
  • 141 pedestrian fatalities

The number of personal injuries that occurred as the result of automobile accidents in the state of Arizona is far higher than the fatality total. This includes people who sustained extremely serious injuries from a motor vehicle accident.

Common Damages Arising from a Motor Vehicle Accident

A skilled car accident lawyer you trusadviseses clients of commonplace damages associated with automobile accidents. These are:

  • Medical bills. Medical costs associated with a more serious car accident can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This includes not only medical expenses currently being incurred, but medical expenses reasonably expected to be encountered well into the future.
  • Lost wages. As with medical expenses, this includes current and future lost earnings.
  • Pain and suffering. Current and future pain and suffering is another type of loss for which a person injured in a car accident often confronts.

Damages to a MarriageĀ 

One area in which a person involved in a car accident may not immediately envision being at risk following an accident is his or her marriage. This is often due to stress caused by dealing with accident injuries, financial struggles from accident-related damages, and other often debilitating stressors.

Medical Issues

A person injured in a car accident can face weeks if not months involved in treatments, emotional therapy, and physical rehabilitation. The time and energy expended from these efforts is often mentally and physically exhausting and can take a toll on even the healthiest of relationships.

Financial Problems and Losses

One of the biggest challenges for a married couple centers on experiencing financial issues. No matter the cause, money problems routinely impact a marriage. Because financial problems can arise from costs associated with auto accident injuries, these issues can strain a marriage and lead to its dissolution.

Inability to Engage in Previously Enjoyed Activities

The typical happily married couple enjoys participating in various activities together. Unfortunately, following a car accident, a person may be injured and unable to participate in previously enjoyed activities. This can add further strain to a marriage and very well could start a slide in the relationship that ends up in divorce court.

Emotional Issues

Someone injured in a car accident is vulnerable to experiencing depression, anxiety issues, or some other type of emotional challenge. These types of issues can damage or even destroy a marriage. It is important to note that both the injured spouse and their partner may experience this in the aftermath of an accident.

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