Car accidents can cause devastating harm to individuals, their loved ones, and their property. Some of these losses Car Accidentand injuries are difficult if not impossible to replace or compensate through monetary recovery. However, compensation can help you to live with the consequences of auto accidents and diminish some of the financial harm and loss that often accompanies the physical and emotional harm and loss caused by auto accidents.

What kind of injuries can victims of car accidents seek compensation for?

 At Nadia Von Magdenko & Associates we know that the injuries suffered in accidents are often not as simple as meets the eye. That’s why we take time and effort to conduct a detailed and meticulous investigation into every single repercussion of the auto accidents that our clients experience. We take note not only of immediate harm and injury, but also of potential future conditions developed as a result of the accident, ongoing medical treatments that may be necessary, and any possible future costs. We take note of injuries and losses that you may not even realize you have suffered or will suffer. These may include the following:
  • Costs of immediate medical treatment
  • Costs of current and future medical treatments and medication
  • Property damage
  • Wrongful death
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Increased transport costs
  • Increased costs of accommodating injury or disability such as home renovation, wheelchair maintenance etc

How can a qualified Las Vegas car accidents lawyer help you?

 At Nadia Von Magdenko & Associates we can not only help you identify the losses and injury outlined above that you may not even realize that you have suffered, but we can help you prove them and pursue compensation for them.
Whether you seek compensation through litigation in court, or through an out of court settlement, we can offer you professional representation to help you recover what you deserve and need. Negotiating out of court settlements can be incredibly intimidating, especially when the other party is represented by counsel or has more legal knowledge than you. However, Nadia Von Magdenko has professional, qualified legal knowledge that helps you be sure that you are negotiating from a legally informed and accurate standpoint. She has years of experience in negotiating that can help make sure that your demands are firmly relayed and defended, and that you are not taken advantage of.

If you choose to pursue litigation against the other party in a court of law, Nadia Von Magdenko & Associates can passionately represent your interests in court and fight for the justice you deserve. With a 97% success rate, Nadia Von Magdenko is clearly a lawyer who Las Vegas clients can rely on to fight for the justice they deserve both in court and outside of court. Even if you choose not to pursue litigation or settlement, Nadia Von Magdenko & Associates can offer you valuable legal advice, information and insight that can help you to make the best decisions to deal with your injuries.

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The car accidents Las Vegas residents suffer do not need leave them financially crippled on top of the physical and emotional injuries they suffer. Call  702-385-1600 today for a free consultation with the Las Vegas car and motorcycle accident lawyer with a 97% success rate who has won Client’s Choice Awards every year since 2014. Nadia Von Magdenko & Associates is here to help those injured by car accidents seek the justice that they deserve.

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