According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), globally, between 20 and 50 million people are injured annually as a result of a car accident. Even drivers exhibiting all proper precautions may be injured in an accident; the injuries sustained in car accidents can vary greatly from minor, to severe. The following are common injuries incurred during car accidents.

1) Broken Bones

High velocity accidents frequently result in crushed vehicles. As the vehicles compress, passengers may have their limbs caught in the sections of the car being crushed, resulting in broken bones. Unfortunately, the recovery process for broken bones is usually extensive and painful. It’s not uncommon for broken bones to impair the way a person walks; not only affecting function, but also affecting efficiency. The decrease in efficiency may place additional strain on the knee or other joints. Considerably more treatment may be required for bones broken in the back, head, or neck, as the recovery process is even more comprehensive and painful.

2) Whiplash

Sudden changes in speed, such as those related to car accidents, can cause the neck and head to to jerk rapidly. When this occurs, whiplash is the common diagnosis. Whiplash is often accompanied by pain and neck stiffness, especially when moving the head. Also, whiplash can cause tenderness in the back and headaches for days following the incident.

3) Cuts or Lacerations

Shattered windows or windshields disperse fragments of glass throughout the wreck. Victims of a car accident may experience lacerations as a result of being hit by these high speed fragments. The cuts incurred may range from superficial cuts on the surface of the skin, all the way to deep lacerations possibly requiring several stitches. The discharged pieces of windshield even have the potential to leave severe bruising on a victim.

4) Knee Injuries

The rapid deceleration from a collision may result in a passenger being jettisoned from the vehicle. Upon landing the passenger may experience knee injuries. Even passengers that remain in the vehicle upon collision can endure impact between their knee and the dash, or other component of the car. These injuries are not only painful but can be be detrimental to their mobility. Ideally, a victim suffering from knee pain should seek immediate attention from a medical professional specializing in knee injuries such as the doctor for knee pain PG County MD.

Individuals involved in a car accident should be evaluated by a medical professional to determine injuries and provide appropriate treatment. Even individuals with minor injuries should be properly assessed to prevent further potential damage. Also, individuals involved in an accident should contact a car accident attorney; the associated medical bills may be the responsibility of another party.

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