There are several types of brain injuries that could have damaging effects on the body. One of the most common types of brain injuries to occur each year are closed head injuries, accounting for more than 75% of all traumatic brain injuries. If you have suffered from a brain injury, it will be vital that you contact a brain injury attorney.

What is a Closed Brain Injury?

When a person receives a closed head injury, the membrane surrounding the skull has not been punctured and remains intact. This is one of the most common types of traumatic brain injuries. It is important to note that all types of brain injuries, no matter how mild can result in swelling of the brain, this can be cause for a serious emergency.  Examples of closed brain injuries include:

  • Concussions: when the brain takes on a heavy blow which could impact the function of the brain.
  • Contusions: When the tissue surrounding the brain has been bruised causing the rupture of blood vessels. This can cause the ruptured blood vessels to leak into the brean. Around 20-30% of all TBIs are diagnosed as contusions.
  • Intracranial Hematomas: is when there is bleeding inside the brain. There are two types of intracranial hematomas:
    • Epidural Hematoma: is when the area between the skull and tissue of the brain is leaking blood.
    • Subdural Hematoma: Is when the blood vessels are ruptured, causing blood to leak into the tissue of the brain.
  • Diffuse Axonal Injury: is when lesions develop on the brain’s white matter. People who suffer from this severe type of closed head injury usually do not make a recovery and remain in a coma. If a person does recover from the coma, they will have severe physical and cognitive impairments.

If you have suffered a closed head injury, it will be important that you pay attention to your body and look for common symptoms which may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Speech impairment
  • Headaches

Causes of a Closed Head Injury

The leading cause of head injuries is from falling, this accounts for about 35% of all closed head injuries. People at highest risk of a closed head injury are the elderly and children under the age of four. A closed head injury can be caused by a number of accidents, for example:

  • Acts of Violence
  • Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Sports Injuries

If you or someone you know has suffered from a closed head injury at the hands of someone else’s negligence, consulting with a personal injury attorney is ideal such as the personal injury lawyer  locals turn to. An attorney will focus their sights on recovering damages for the pain that you have suffered.

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