Motorcycle accidents are a scary, life-changing event. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you deserve to a have a personal injury lawyer on your side to fight for compensation for your pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA trusts can strive to provide intelligent and aggressive legal representation for the needs of victims and their families.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

An important difference between motorcycle accidents and car accidents is the varying degree and types of injuries the victim sustained. The injuries that the driver of a motorcycle would sustain in an accident are much more significant than the injuries the driver of a car would have in the same accident. This is because with any impact, the motorcyclist would not be protected by the structure of a car. The direct contact between the motorcyclist and the surface of the road, guardrail, cars, trucks, or other surfaces, is more likely to cause catastrophic or significant injuries, which could be fatal for the driver. Studies have shown that motorcyclists in accidents have a higher chance of dying in an accident than car or truck drivers in accidents.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

It is well-known that most motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than car accidents, as stated above. There are a few common injuries related to motorcycle accidents:

  • Soft tissue damage or road rash
  • Concussion and brain damage
  • Joint injuries
  • Breaks in shoulders and pelvis
  • Paralysis of the arm
  • Facial disfigurement

Motorcycle Accident Insurance

In most states, motorcycle and car/truck accidents are treated differently in terms of insurance coverage. If the motorcyclist has car insurance with Personal Injury Protection (PIP), their policy is not applicable for the motorcycle accident. Motorcyclists must have a separate Personal Injury Protection coverage in order to protect themselves in case of a motorcycle accident. For typical PIP coverage for a car accident, it is recommended for car drivers to have the standard $2,500 coverage. However, when it comes to motorcyclists, it is recommended to have at least $5,000 coverage due to how serious motorcycle-accident injuries can be. It is important to discuss all different coverage options with your motorcycle insurance company.

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Your number one priority after a motorcycle accident should be to properly recover and heal from your accident. After such a horrific ordeal, you deserve to have someone fighting to ensure you receive the proper compensation for your pain and suffering. There are many details involved with handling the insurance companies after an accident and the professional personal injury lawyers want to take that burden away from you. Contact a personal injury lawyer today.


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