Knees are incredibly vulnerable to injuries after a motorcycle crash. Inflammation, bruising and pain can quickly start to hinder your daily life and mood. Many victims of an accident may wonder what treatment options are available to them. After seeing your primary Rockville MD knee doctor to make sure you are not facing any life-threatening injuries, consider also talking with a chiropractor for more information about how they can help you on the journey to knee joint recovery. Here we have answered some common questions about knee pain, symptoms and chiropractic care.

Why does the knee hurt so badly after a motorcycle accident?

Pain is our body response to an injury. Sensitive nerve endings in the knee can suffer damages along with nearby knee structures. Inflammation is a substantial contributor to knee pain as well. Knees can suffer fractures, micro-tears and road rash. A motorcyclist can face kneecap fractures, dislocations or misalignments of knee joints. When these joints are out of place, optimal functioning is halted.

What are symptoms of a knee injury?

Depending on how the accident happened, the individual, and severity of the impact, a motorcyclist may experience a variety of symptoms for their knee injury. The most common symptoms are listed as follows:

  • Stiffness, swelling of knee
  • Redness & hot to the touch
  • Feeling unstable when standing
  • Weakness, knee “gives out”
  • Crunching or popping noises
  • Inability to straighten the knee out fully
  • Unable to bear weight on knee
  • Heavy bruising that is blue, green & purple
  • Visual deformity of the knee area
  • Unable to fully flex the knee
  • Fever combined with pain, swelling and redness

Why does a knee feel so hot after being injured?

When tissues of the knee area are injured, immune cells rush to the site in order to control the injury, fluids migrate and blood vessel permeability increases. When a buildup of these fluids around the knee tissue accumulates, it can cause swelling, pain and irritated nerves. Skin temperature around the knee raises, mainly due to swelling, blood vessels dilating and a sudden blood influx.

How can a chiropractor help my knee pain?

A chiropractor can first check your spine for alignment. It can benefit your knee if the spinal column has been adjusted. Since our spine is such a key component to the function of our body system, starting there is common. Then, your chiropractor can move on to your knee to address your symptoms and may perform diagnostics. These tests can include imaging specifically aimed at identifying knee misalignments. When the knee joints are moved back into place, it can help reduce inflammation and severity of pain.

When should I see a chiropractor after a motorcycle accident?  

It is recommended that a motorcyclist does not wait to see a chiropractor after the injury. By getting treatment for the injury sooner, it can help prevent your knee pain from worsening and complications down the road. Knee injuries often require the assistance of a medical professional in order to be healed.


Thanks to our friends and contributors from Pain Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into knee pain.


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