There’s no denying that ride sharing has made traveling easier. It’s a lot easier to grab an Uber or Lyft when going out so you won’t have to really worry about someone in the group being a designated driver for the evening or if you need to get to and from an airport, even on vacation. The reasons are endless, so it would make sense that the more popular ride sharing gets, the more accidents there are. In certain cases it’s inevitable.

So what happens when you’re riding in a rideshare and an accident occurs? If you are in the vehicle and the driver is logged in to the app, the rideshare company will be held liable that is the general trend with the court system at the moment, as a car accident lawyer Arlington TX trusts can explain. Most companies of this nature hold some sort of insurance for all drivers. Uber’s insurance coverage policy states as follows:

  •       Uber has a commercial policy in place that will cover up to $1 million in damages. This is calculated from the time a rider is picked up until the driver is dropped off. Their commercial policy will come before any personal auto insurance policies.
  •       There is a policy in place regarding underinsured/uninsured. It states that there is $1 million worth of coverage if another driver does not have ample amount of coverage to cover whatever the damages accumulate to. This means that if the damages are more than the person has coverage for, Uber will take on the rest of the expenses under their UM/UIMM coverage. This will also cover any hit and runs that could occur.
  •       Damages will be covered up to the actual cash value of the car with a $1,000 deductible. A driver will not have to pay the complete amount of damages if an accident occurs, just the deductible.
  •       If certain states have no fault coverage, it will be provided. Only in states with similar no fault coverage as taxis and limos.
  •       If an accident occurs while a driver is in between trips and is not actually providing transportation for an individual they will need to go through their own insurance to pay for damages or treatment. If driver does not have the adequate coverage, Uber will provide $50,000/$100,000?$25,000. This is $50,000 individual coverage up to $100,000, and  up to$25,000 in property damage.

In a rideshare accident, sometimes it can be unclear as to who is liable and what your rights are as someone who was at no fault. The Brandy Austin Law firm can help you better understand how the process works and help get the compensation that you deserve. We offer free 30 minute consultations and can guide you.


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