Las Vegas Bus Accident LawyerBus ridership is increasing in the Las Vegas Valley. Given the high cost of gas, people are choosing to take the bus instead of paying for gas, a car payment, insurance and maintenance costs. People are experiencing that it is more economical to ride the bus instead. With the Las Vegas bus system expanding with non-stop and commuter lines, ridership will only increase.

Another major ridership portion is out of town visitors who use the Las Vegas bus system to get around the Strip. Instead of paying for cabs, visitors find it easier and more cost effective to use the Las Vegas bus system to get from hotel to hotel. No matter if you are a local or live in another state or Canada, you have rights if you are injured while riding a Las Vegas bus.

Attorney Nadia von Magdenko regularly handles cases against the Las Vegas bus system, commonly known as the RTC. The RTC is actually operated by Veolia Transportation and Attorney Nadia von Magdenko makes sure people injured while riding Veolia Transportation’s buses are provided justice.

One major issue with injuries while riding a bus, is that the bus does not provide seat belts for passengers. So, while you may always wear your seat belt while riding in a car, you are not provided with that protection when you get on a Las Vegas bus. As a result of no seat belts, even minor accidents can cause you physical injuries. If you are injured while riding a Las Vegas bus, you need to contact a Las Vegas lawyer experienced in those types of cases, to protect your rights.


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