Do I Need a Lawyer for My Motorcycle Accident Crash?
Motorcycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions

After any injury causing event, I recommend that you consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV locals trust to preserve your rights. The insurance company’s job is to pay you as little as possible for your claim. They do not care if you do something that adversely affects you and you case. It is my job to protect you.

Why Chose Nadia my Motorcycle Accident Case?

I understand the need for the freedom that riding a motorcycle offers.  You might have seen the sign that reads “You never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist’s office.”  There is something very freeing in riding a motorcycle.

I love to rock climb and I understand the need to be outside. Both rock climbing and riding motorcycles are a way to fully experience the beauty and joy of life.

Does Nadia Have Experience in Motorcycle Crash Cases?

I have experience in handling motorcycle accident cases. From cases where an impaired driver makes a left-hand turn in front of you, to cases in involving a single rider crash, where the recent repairs to your bike was the cause of your crash, I have the experience to handle your motorcycle crash. If you need a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV residents count on, look no further. 

Can I sue if a Defective Motorcycle Part was the Cause of my Motorcycle Accident?

In addition to motorcycle crashes involving cars, I have experience with motorcycle failure cases. In these single accident motorcycle crashes, a defective or a faulty recent repair could be the cause of the accident.

Will Nadia Hire an Expert to Look at the Damaged Motorcycle?

In cases involving a single rider crash, where you had to lay the bike down or the failure of the bike caused the crash, I will hire an expert to inspect your bike immediately.

Do I Have to Keep my Damaged Motorcycle After the Crash?

Yes, after a collision, you will have to keep the bike until your case is completed.  Even in cases that involve another vehicle, the at fault party’s lawyer and insurance company are entitled to inspect the damage to your motorcycle to see how much damage took place in the crash.

What if I was Cited for Speeding in the Motorcycle Crash?

If you were cited for speeding, you can still make a potential claim for damages. As any trusted motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV will tell you, speeding alone is not a bar to recovery. However, if it is later determined that you were driving recklessly that will affect your ability to recover.

What is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents?

The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is when a car driver makes a left-hand turn in front of a motorcycle rider.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer in the State Where my Motorcycle Accident Occurred?

Although it is best to hire a lawyer in the state your motorcycle accident happened, we can discuss whether I can represent you for a crash that happened out of state.

What if I was found to be partially at fault in causing the motorcycle accident?

In Nevada, as long as you were not 51% or more at fault for causing a motorcycle accident, then you will be able to recover. However, this means that if any amount awarded to you, will be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to you.

For example, if the jury were to award you $100,000, but you were found to be 40% at fault, the actual award to you would be $100,000 – $40,000 =$60,000.

What Damages will my Motorcycle Accident Settlement Cover?

According to a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV residents trust, after any injury causing event, there are two types of damages that you can claim: economic and non-economic. Economic damages are: lost wages, medical bills and the cost to repair your motorcycle.

Non-economic damages are those that affect you day to day, but don’t have a specific dollar amount attached. These harder-to-define damages include pain and suffering for the lost ability to do your daily activities, such as physical exercise or riding your bike.

In cases where the at fault party was a DUI, punitive (additional damages to punish) may also be available.

If your loved one was killed as a result of the carelessness of another, damages for wrongful death are available. These damages include funeral and burial expenses. If they were the primary breadwinner, then the loss of their income to you can also be claimed. Damages from the loss of companionship can also be claimed. Any medical expenses leading up to your loved one’s death are also recoverable.

Is it legal for motorcycle drivers to split lanes or drive on the shoulder of the road?

As a good motorcycle accident lawyer  from Las Vegas, NV will tell you, in Nevada, it is illegal for motorcycle riders to split lanes or drive on the shoulder of the road. However, it is legal for motorcycle drivers to have two motorcyclists per traffic lane.

Recently, the Nevada state legislature tried to pass a bill to allow lane splitting, but the bill did not pass. One of the proponents of the bill noted that the reason for the bill was to protect lives. Motorcyclists that are fully stopped are often hit from behind, simply because the motorist didn’t see the motorcycle or its rider. If the Nevada state legislature revisits this issue, I will provide an update.

I Don’t Have Health Insurance, How am I Going to be Able to Get Medical Treatment after a Motorcycle Crash?

After a motorcycle crash, you likely have severe injuries, whether road rash, a broken shoulder or back pain.

After a motorcycle crash, even if you do not have health insurance, I will be able to get you the medical care you need with no out of pocket expense to you.

Do I Need to Have Motorcycle Insurance to Make a Claim after my Motorcycle Crash?

You do not need to have motorcycle insurance after a motorcycle crash, according to a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV can trust. After a severe motorcycle accident, we will make a claim against the at fault party for your damages.

What if I didn’t have a Motorcycle Endorsement on my Driver’s License, can I still Make a Claim after a Motorcycle Accident?

Yes, you can absolutely make a claim after a motorcycle accident, even if you did not have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license.

If I Missed Work as a Result of my Injuries, can I get Reimbursed for that?

Yes, if you have short term disability, I recommend that you start collecting it as soon as possible. At the time of your settlement, we will have to pay your disability insurer back for any payments it made as a result of the accident.

Is it Illegal for Me to Ride my Motorcycle Without a Helmet?

In Nevada, it is illegal for you to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

If I wasn’t Wearing a Helmet while riding my Motorcycle, can I still recover?

If you did not sustain head injuries as a result of your motorcycle accident, then the fact that you weren’t wearing a helmet will not affect your ability to recover after a motorcycle accident. However, if you sustained head injuries and weren’t wearing your helmet, then the jury will take that into consideration in awarding you damages for any injuries to your head or brain.

I am Part of Motorcycle Club, Will That Affect my Case?

Many people have a bias against motorcycle groups or clubs. Therefore, if you are part of a motorcycle club, we will ask the Court to prevent the jury from hearing that unrelated issue.

If you need a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV residents can count on, call Nadia von Magdenko & Associates today.

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