Steps to Take If You’ve Been Injured in an Accident

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Henderson NV
A motorcycle accident lawyer Henderson NV bikers offers understands that motorcycle accident injuries should not be taken lightly. Although riding a motorcycle is an activity that is enjoyed by many, it can also be incredibly dangerous if the appropriate precautions are not taken. In fact, there are a number of injuries that a person could experience from a crash that range in severity.

Dealing with the impact of a motorcycle accident can be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, Nadia von Magdenko of Nadia von Magdenko & Associates is a compassionate Henderson NV motorcycle accident lawyer with years of experience representing motorcycle accident victims. When a rider sustains a serious injury because another driver was negligent, the biker may qualify for compensation. To increase the likelihood of getting a settlement, in the days following an accident it will be important to take the following steps:

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle injuries can range in severity depending on the type of accident that you were in. The following are injuries commonly sustained from motorcycle accidents:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones (usually the hands and feet)
  • Road rash
  • Spinal cord injuries

As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Henderson NV might tell you, there are several factors that come into play that could impact the severity of your accident, including:

  • Weather conditions
  • Road conditions
  • Whether or not you were wearing protective gear
  • Fatigue
  • If you or the other driver were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The speed you were driving
  • Lane Splitting (an unsafe practice where a biker rides in-between two lanes during times of heavy traffic)

Following the Accident

The early days following a motorcycle accident will be a whirlwind. If you haven’t considered filing a personal injury claim, you may not have obtained guidance from a motorcycle accident lawyer Henderson NV locals recommend. There are specific measures that you should take to protect yourself. This may ensure that you have taken the appropriate steps in the event that you decide that taking legal action is right for you.

1. Make sure that the police complete an accident report. This will be important as it will provide a record of the crash and may even include information regarding who was at fault for the accident. Another important detail that may be included are any tickets that may have been issued for traffic violations.

2. Seeking medical treatment is vital following an accident, even if you do not believe that you have been injured. This is important so that there is a record of the medical care that you received. Sometimes, an injury may not present itself right away and could impact you days or weeks down the road.

3. Gather the information of not only the person who caused the accident but also any witnesses who were at the scene. They could be the holder of a vital piece of information that could help your case.

4. Write down as much information as possible. This should include information regarding your account of the accident. A motorcycle accident lawyerHenderson NV residents rely on will need to know this information.

5. Keep all documentation surrounding the accident, even if it doesn’t seem relevant. This should include documentation of any expenses that you incurred from the accident in addition to documentation detailing your injuries that your physician has provided you with.

The process of recuperating from a motorcycle accident can take time. During your recovery, you will likely experience a number of hardships that impact you physically, emotionally and financially. The days immediately following an accident can be crucial, not only when it comes to taking care of yourself, but also if you ultimately choose to file a personal injury claim. As a motorcycle accident lawyerHenderson NV community members choose, Nadia von Magdenko & Associates can help make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at 702-385-1600 to schedule a consultation with Nadia von Magdenko, a motorcycle accident lawyer Henderson NV trusts.

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