5 Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NVAs an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV drivers trust could tell you, motorcycles are typically riskier than other types of transportation. The design of the motorcycle actually contributes to some of the danger because they provide little protective for the operator. Some motorcyclists might also take dangerous risks on the road, increasing the risks for themselves and for other drivers.

However, more specific situations and actions are often the causes of motorcycle accidents. For more information about any of the topics listed below, you can contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV drivers count on at Nadia von Magdenko & Associates.

1. Motorcyclists Splitting Lanes

A popular method for motorcyclists is to split lanes, which involves weaving between cars in designated lanes. If a driver does not expect a motorcyclist to be approaching them in close proximity, they may maneuver in a way that halts or even strikes the motorcycle. It is a major risk to engage in lane splitting and in some states it is illegal. Be sure to contact a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer for information about the legality of lane splitting.

2. Left Turns

Oncoming cars may collide with motorcycles when making left-hand turns. In many of these cases, the car driver is considered liable unless the motorcyclist was breaking the rules of the road as well.

3. Head-On Collisions

This is one of the most fatal types of accidents for motorcyclists because a bike cannot protect them from the full impact of an oncoming car. Sometimes this happens when a car hits the front end of a bike. Sometimes a head-on collision occurs because the other driver was inebriated or swerved to avoid something else in the road. Other times, these collisions happen simply because the driver was distracted or they didn’t see the motorcyclist.

One way motorcyclists may help prevent head-on collisions is to wear high-visibility outerwear, such as reflective vests. This is imperative, especially at night when it is harder to see.

4. Collisions with Stationary Objects

According to recent statistics, around 25% of all motorcycle accidents are collisions with stationary objects. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as Intoxication, trying to avoid an object in the road, and colliding with unmarked or less visible hazards such as debris from construction. In certain cases involving obstacles in the road, other parties may be liable for a collision. It’s recommended that you speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV has to offer if you believe another party is liable for your accident.

5. Road Hazards

Potholes tend to be more dangerous for motorcycles than for cars because of the motorcycle’s lack of protection. Although these accidents are usually not fatal for passengers in cars and other vehicles, motorcyclists can experience major injuries if they hit a pothole on the road. Skilled riders who remain calm and observant can also wear protective gear reduce their risk to falling victim to road hazards.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV Residents Trust

Motorcycle accidents occur all too frequently. If you own or ride a motorcycle often, it’s a good idea to have a local motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV you can count on. If you or someone close to you was injured or died as a result of a motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate to contact Nadia von Magdenko & Associates to discuss your options with a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV can provide.

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