Jen Reid of Denville, New Jersey, was just awarded $850,000 for bites she suffered to her face and a back injury connected to an attack by a neighbor’s dog in 2012, reports the New York Post.

The incident happened when Reid was caring for a neighbor’s 80-pound German shepherd/chow mix. The dog leaped up, bit Reid on her chin and sent her crashing down onto her back. When Reid ran for her home, the first person who saw her with her injuries, unfortunately, was her 3-year-old daughter. Reid said her child is okay now but was terrified of dogs for a long time after the attack.

As a result of the bite, Reid needed 15 stitches and facial reconstruction surgery. On top of all that, when she fell, she herniated two spinal discs and is still in pain from that back injury today. She described the back pain as having a stabbing nature. At the time, she had both a 1-year-old and 3-year old child whom she could no longer pick up. Reid has since had three vertebrae fused and is still going through therapy and facing more surgery, and she can no longer participate in the sports she once loved to play.

Reid sued her neighbor, Kevin Burdorf, who is the dog’s owner, because he did not warn her that the dog had attacked before, which is required by law in New Jersey. In June of 2015, she won $100,000 for her injuries, pain and suffering but went back into court for a second trial, with the second jury awarding her another $750,000. Reid plans to use the money for her ongoing medical treatment, as her bills continue to pile up and she has yet to receive any money from Burdorf.

Despite the attack, Reid remains a dog lover, with two boxers of her own that each weigh over 50 pounds. She did note, however, that she is more cautious with animals now.

Dog bites on an alarming upward trend

Dog attacks remain an issue across many states. The Detroit Free Press, for example, recently reported that the number of dog bite incidents rose by 25 percent in Michigan during 2016. In Ohio, Your Hometown Stations reports that dog bite insurance claims in the state jumped by 42 percent between 2015 and 2016. The dog bite trend is so prevalent that the U.S. Postal Service recently promoted Dog Bite Prevention Week, which was aimed at educating dog owners and protecting postal workers who are increasingly being bitten on the job.

In Michigan and other areas of the country, cuts to the animal control department may be a factor as fewer officers are available to help handle dangerous dogs. Other agencies point to human interaction as partly to blame, particularly when it comes to how the dogs are raised and handled by their owners.

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