As a car accident lawyer Denver CO residents can rely on will attest, motorcycle accidents can cause horrible injuries and death, and are costly to the victims and their families.

A recent Canadian study has revealed just how much likely motorcycle crashes are to cause serious injuries, deaths and higher medical expenses than car accidents, as reported by Reuters. While previous studies have already shown the higher level of injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, the study, which was published in The Canadian Medical Association Journal, offers new evidence of the connected financial toll.

In this study, researchers looked at data from 26,831 people who were hurt in motorcycle crashes and 281,826 victims of car accidents. In general, the motorcyclist injury rate was three times that of those in car crashes, the study revealed. Serious injuries were also ten times more likely with motorcycle accidents than car crashes.

The difference in financial cost between the two different accident types was significant as well. The study found that an average motorcycle accident cost around $4,569, while a car accident had a price tag of $2,349. In addition, a motorcycle crash cost around twice that of a car accident to treat over the first two years after the incident.

Dr. Daniel Pincus, the lead author of the study, noted that while there have been a lot of motor vehicle safety improvements over the last two decades, the death and injury rates associated with motorcycle trauma have been increasing. He is hoping his study will call more attention to this issue and incentivize action to improve motorcycle safety.

For the study, the research team evaluated medical records for residents of Ontario who were seen in emergency rooms or admitted to hospitals for motorcycle or car crashes between the years 2007 and 2013. For the medical expense comparisons, the team compared the costs of accident victims with a control group of similar individuals from the same province who were not involved in a crash. While 718 people out of 100,000 car owners sustained injuries, the study found that 2,194 out of every 100,000 motorcycle accidents suffered injuries.

The costs are close to double to treat a motorcycle crash victim compared to a car accident victim and the injury rate is three times as high, and the researchers estimated that the total health cost of injuries was around six times greater for motorcycle owners than car owners. Other expenses of victims, such as lost work wages, were not included in the study because the researchers did not have access to that information.

When motorcyclists are in a collision, they are much more exposed than people in cars. This leads to a higher risk of injuries to the stomach area, head and thorax. Wearing a helmet can help protect the head, but other vital areas of the body are still exposed in the event of a collision. Injuries from these types of accidents can have consequences for years afterward.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you have rights and may be entitled to compensation for your losses, pain and suffering. Speak to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney about your case today.


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