The Basics of Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney - Nadia von Magdenko
People who are currently facing the challenges of an injury claim, often choose to consult with a personal injury attorney at Nadia von Magdenko & Associates for a case evaluation. Due to the nature of this type of case, there are many levels and aspects to consider. Providing proof for your injury is part of the deliberation process, which can be frustrating. We have protected the rights of people for almost 20 years. It is our driving force to see people benefit from our services.

Our goal is to hold accountable whichever party or company is responsible for your current pain.Whether your injury is physical, mental and/or emotional, you may be entitled to financial compensation due to the incident. By choosing a personal injury attorney from Nadia von Magdenko & Associates, you can rest assured knowing we can take care of the big tasks on your case list while you focus on healing from your injury.

What Are Some Causes of Personal Injury?

  • Incidents while driving
  • Poor work environment
  • Tripping, and/or slip and fall due to landlord negligence
  • Product defect
  • Medical malpractice and/or negligence from doctors, nurses, or other staff
  • Occupational stress and/or illness

What Are the Two Main Kinds of Damages?

  • Special Damages – loss of pay, medical bills
  • General Damages – stress, suffering, emotional distress, disability, scarring
  • Do I Have a Solid Case?
  • Medical documentation
  • Evidence for intentional acts, theft, assault
  • Client did not sign release waivers for recreational activity
  • Proof of incident and injuries

What Is the definition of a Statute of Limitations?

This is the period in which you have in order to file your claim. Each statute of limitation varies by state. The time starts typically on the day of the injury or incident and can remain open until two to five years later.

It is key to winning your case that you file a claim as soon as possible, the same day as the injury is not too soon. The faster you seek legal advice and assistance, the sooner you may receive your compensation. By hiring a personal injury attorney at Nadia von Magdenko & Associates, you have someone who can answer all questions and concerns you may have regarding the incident. Depending on the severity of your injury, some attorneys may ask to get in touch with your doctor so they can confirm you are receiving the best possible treatment.

The last thing you want is to wait too long and have your claim no longer be considered valid. You can reach any of our trusted personal injury attorneys at Nadia von Magdenko & Associates for your first free consultation. We can schedule the best time for you, or if it is urgent, we are available to speak immediately.

Feel free to call us at 702-385-1600 or through email at Do not let this injury impair you for the rest of your life. We can work to assure you get compensation for your medical costs, loss of pay and mental or emotional distress.

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