“When I was involved in an accident I contacted several lawyers. No one was as knowledgeable, intuitive and caring as Nadia. She answers her phone personally, scheduled my appointment quickly and her advice was thoroughly imparted. Throughout the healing and legal process she kept me informed of everything that was going on. I would recommend her highly!” – Carol

“Nadia and her firm worked diligently on my case for over a year. The insurance company for the car which hit me was atrocious, in my opinion, Fred Lloya Insurance. I know it’s their job to deny my case and or work hard to pay as little as possible, but they were flat out ridiculous with their stall tactics and refusal to take responsibility when their insured hit me from behind and confirmed their negligence.

Nadia didn’t let their schemes get in the way of her fighting for me! She assisted me with the repair of my car and she gave me great advice about how to handle my case. I really think she believed in me and my case and it showed by her firm representation.
Thank you, Nadia!” – Joyce

“Nadia is absolutely fantastic!!!
I have NEVER worked with or spoken to someone that cares as much as Nadia does. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2016 and reached out to Nadia for her legal opinion on my treatments for the future. On a daily basis she makes sure I am taken care of. She helps with all my questions- without hesitation or irritation. I am not one of Nadia’s clients but she has been there ever step of the way as if she was my attorney. If anything happens in the future I would hire her in a heartbeat! She truly cares about her clients and takes the time to make sure they are taken care of. I was represented by a different attorney for my 2016 accident. The attorney did great, I wasn’t updated as much as I would have liked. I also didn’t receive weekly calls to see how my treatments were going. Nadia always called me and asked how I was doing. I hear and see how she communicates with her clients and you can tell she truly cares about how you are doing! She is forever following up and updating her clients on their case status. Nadia has inspired me to be this efficient and caring as well. I care so much more, especially that I know how it feels to be in an accident. It’s a blessing to be updated and taken care of. She is a wonderful attorney and person.” – Christina

“Nadia is the best personal injury lawyer that I have ever worked with. She fights hard for her clients. My case lasted a long time but she fought it out until we won. I never had any other lawyer do that for me. I would definitely recommend Nadia von Magdenko to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer. She is the best in town! Thank you!” – Alicia

“I had a physical damage claim against Uber and Nada was great! very professional and sweet. She helped me set up my doctors visits, checking on me while I was going to physical therapy and worked very hard to get the highest settlement. I’m very happy with her and would deff recommend her to anyone. Thanks Nadia!” – Sindy

“Atty Nadia is a great lawyer and communicator! I had a legal issue and I didn’t know who to turn to! But, I met with Nadia and she was very kind and answered all of my questions! I recommend her to all my family and friends.” – Joe

“From the initial consultation meeting with Nadia and throughout the whole ordeal of my case she has been so very helpful, truthful and trustworthy. I was in a lot of pain, extremely nervous and upset about my future after my car accident. I didn’t know who to turn to for help! I looked to AVVO and found Nadia. She really helped with the emotional and physical distress through the referral of really great medical professionals to take care of me. I had many questions throughout the whole process and Nadia answered them all quickly and concisely in a way I could understand. She really understood my needs and addressed them very well in an upmost professional manner! Thanks to Nadia and her team for settling my case quickly and really making sure I received the best care possible. If ever anything like this should happen to me again I now know where to turn. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who may suffer the misfortune of being in an accident! Thanks Nadia!!!” – Wanda

“Nadia Von Magdenko is a Lawyer who puts her clients first and her fees last. When my wife was injured in a car accident, a friend referred Nadia to us. Never have I been so happy with an attorney. Nadia has been practicing for over 16 years, so she knew which doctors to send us too based on my wife’s various injuries. When one of the Doctor’s secretary was giving us a hard time for an appointment, I called Nadia , ( who took the call instantly not a secretary or an answering service. Not even 5 minutes after speaking with Nadia, the (rude) nurse called back, apologized for any misunderstanding and got us in that day. We never had another problem with an appointment after that. Due to my wife’s injuries, she was forced to see 3 specialists and a Chiropractor. After 6 months , all the doctors signed off on my wife’s recovery. When Nadia realized the doctor’s bills ate up most of the settlement, she renegotiated with the doctors and the insurance companies. She was amazing at reducing the bills. But that wasn’t enough for Nadia. She realized that after all she did for us, she was still making more money than my wife. She lowered her fees so my wife ended up with a decent , fair settlement. I have never known a Lawer who not only cares so strongly for her Clients, but also makes sure they come out a head. After an accident, you have so much to worry about. With Nadia Von Magdenko on your case, you just have to focus on getting better.” – Clifton”

“I was rear ended twice in one one day (yes 2 Times) in two separate vehicles. After the first accident I researched most lawyers and reviews on this site and decided to go with Nadia.
I called her and she actually answered the phone and met with me in that same hour. When ever I had questions or concerns she answered me back quickly. Both of my vehicles were fixed right away at the same time. All the recommended doctors and therapist did an amazing job in getting me back to a New Normal life.
I would Highly recommend Nadia to anyone who needs a Lawyer.” – Sarah

“Nadia is an outstanding and experienced lawyer when it comes to legal issues.she took my case up when I almost gave up and walked me through from specialist doctors to final settlement after acar accident.i highly recommend her with my rating 10/10″ – Patrick”

“I had a car accident. It took way longer than I expected to go through all of the processes to get my life back. The compensation for my expenses and injuries were received happily but it did take a long time. I recommend Nadia for any legal needs. She is very thorough and professional but also friendly and available. Traits that you don’t find together often in this town. Prior to talking to Nadia I was pretty freaked out. After hiring her, it was just a little curve ball that life threw me, and I really didn’t have to do anything much. She did it all. Thanks Nadia!” – Paul

“The knowledge, experience and efficiency Nadia Von Magdenko displayed in our very first conversation made me understand that I was in very good hands. During the course of my complex treatment for personal injury, Nadia always checked in with me personally to make sure I was satisfied with the results from pain management physicians. At one point, I encountered a doctor that wasn’t listening to me and pushing a specific treatment that I was uncomfortable with. Nadia immediately contacted the doctor on my behalf and discussed treatment options. Not satisfied with what was being offered, within 48 hours, Nadia found a different doctor to fit my personal needs and the results were excellent. I’m forever grateful for her dedication to getting me the best care possible.

Nadia von Magdenko is honest and hard working. I appreciate her professionalism and going the extra mile to put my mind at ease while representing my case. I highly recommend her services.” – Anita

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