A Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas NV Respects Discusses Defective Parts that Cause Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas NVAlthough driver error and overloaded tractor-trailers are common causes of truck accidents, defective truck parts are also a frequent cause of catastrophic truck accidents. At Nadia von Magdenko & Associates, our truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV has represented many injured victims and their families. If you have suffered an injury from a crash that occurred because of a defective part or mechanical failure, contact us immediately. Our truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV can file an injury claim or a lawsuit on your behalf against the manufacturer and any other responsible parties.


Legal Remedies for Truck Accident Victims
When a defective part causes a truck accident, victims may be able to pursue a truck accident claim or lawsuit against the liable trucking company. It is up to the company to ensure that all their vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained. They are also required to make sure any mechanical issues are addressed immediately.


In some cases, the defective truck part is not caused by failure to maintain on the truck owner’s part, but by a defect in the design or manufacturer of the part itself. In these cases, the truck part manufacturer can be held liable for damages. Our truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV can determine if the manufacturer should be held wholly or partially responsible for your injury.


The following are some of the most common defective truck parts:

Failure of a truck’s brakes can result in a catastrophic accident involving several vehicles in addition to the truck itself. There are often warning signs that should alert the truck driver and trucking company’s mechanics that there is an issue with the vehicle’s brakes. These signs include screeching sounds or vehicle vibrations when driver applies the brakes. The pooling of brake fluid beneath the truck when it is parked also signifies something may be wrong with the brakes. Our truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV can inspect the trucking company’s yard to look for evidence such as this.


It is also critical for truck drivers and trucking companies to regularly inspect the tires on their vehicle. Tires with worn out treads or which are not inflated properly can restrict the driver’s control of the truck. Truck tire inspections should include checking the air pressure and the tire tread depth as well as looking for any signs of tread separation and cracks. A tractor-trailer traveling down a highway that has a tire blowout can be deadly for all concerned. Our truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV is all too familiar with this tragic scenario.


Steering Mechanism
The steering wheel mechanism is critical for the driver’s control of the truck. Its failure can cause the driver to lose control and result in a deadly crash. There should be regular inspections of the trucks steering gear, steering pump, hydraulic lines, and tie rods to make sure they are in good working order. When you work with a truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV from Nadia von Magdenko & Associates, the truck’s maintenance logs can be introduced into evidence if they show a lack of proper care of the vehicle.


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Nadia von Magdenko & Associates
truck accident lawyer Las Vegas NV drivers can depend on understands the devastating effects which could result from the collision. The sheer force exerted from large commercial trucks could lead to severe injuries or even death. The law firm of Nadia von Magdenko is determined to help victims and their loved ones get justice for personal injuries or wrongful death. Guided by years of experience and knowledge about auto collisions, we are ready to fight for the rights of our clients and pursue maximum compensation.


Commonly Asked Questions About Truck Accidents
As a respected truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV, we receive questions about collisions, the surrounding laws, and steps to take towards getting justice. Although every claim is inherently unique, some general information may help you to navigate your available options. Regardless of what you might have been told about your situation, it’s advisable to talk with a truck accident lawyer Las Vegas NV residents have on their side.


What should I do after a truck accident?
If you have been in a collision, even if you don’t suspect an injury, you should seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes a serious injury is not apparent until hours, days, or weeks later. Getting evaluated by a doctor could also be a useful addition to your potential legal case.


While this is happening, the truck driver and/or their employer may contact their own insurance company as well as their lawyer. These investigators may visit the scene, collect evidence, and gather witness statements. At some point, they may likely seek a statement from you about the accident. They may also tell you that a lawyer is not necessary, or they may offer you a settlement. From the perspective of a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer, may be advisable to politely decline and let these individuals know you’ve retained a lawyer who may be in touch shortly.


I’ve already talked to the insurance company; can I still call a truck accident lawyer Las Vegas NV has to offer?
If you’ve made a statement, answered questions, or begun negotiations for a settlement without a lawyer, you could have other legal options still available. It may be in your best interest to contact a truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV to discuss your case in further detail.


What is a commercial truck?
Truck accident lawyers may often handle cases which involve commercial trucks. A commercial truck is a vehicle which is used to transport goods for businesses. These could include 18-wheelers, dump trucks, cement trucks, construction equipment or other large freight truck. These specific collisions may involve large trucks carrying more than 80,000 pounds. The size and basic laws of physics typically means any collision can result in serious, if not fatal, injuries — particularly for passengers in standard-size vehicles.


What are some common factors that may cause an accident?
A Las Vegas NV truck accident lawyer may carry out an in-depth investigation of the collision to determine the leading cause as well as other circumstantial factors. Commercial truck accidents may be caused by the truck’s characteristics (i.e. size, load, blind spots, etc.) and its performance capabilities (i.e. acceleration limits, breaking capabilities, visibility, etc.). The truck driver, or defendant, may also be partially responsible for the collision.


I have been in a collision, can I receive monetary compensation?
Every claim has its own underlying factors; therefore, you should talk with a truck accident lawyer Las Vegas NV offers for further advice. Generally, monetary compensation may be available for the victims of collisions that involved negligence or wrongdoing. If you choose to pursue a legal claim, your lawyer should review all possible damages to determine a fair amount. Compensation might cover medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and car repair.


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