Trucking Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV Trusts Discusses Commercial Truck Threats

Trucking Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NVAccidents between a commercial truck and other vehicles can leave the car driver with serious and even life-threatening injuries. Commercial trucks are built to carry significantly larger cargo than the average car. Often times, a truck is also hauling dangerous materials that are hazardous and/or flammable. Here we answer questions about truck accident legalities, contributing factors to collisions, injuries, and more.

What exactly is a commercial truck?
Also known as a big rig, a commercial truck is responsible for carrying and transporting materials or goods. Commercial trucks are usually very large and the driver must obtain a specific driver’s license in order to operate such a vehicle. Other examples of commercial trucks include eighteen-wheeler trailers, freight trucks, or tanker trucks.

How is a car driver more likely to be injured in an accident, than a truck driver?
Due to the massive size of commercial trucks, passenger vehicles are already at risk by driving near or next to one. On average, a passenger vehicle weighs around three thousand pounds. In comparison, a fully loaded commercial truck can weigh around eighty thousand pounds or more. The vehicle occupants are more likely to be injured versus the truck driver, simply because of the vast difference in size.

What are the factors associated with truck vs car accidents?
In many cases, a truck and car collision is caused by the truck driver acting negligently when braking, accelerating, changing lanes, or failing to look for other vehicles. A commercial truck tends to have an even larger blind spot than a passenger car, resulting in not seeing a car before turning or switching lanes while on the road.

If I was injured due to a commercial truck hitting me, can I get compensation?
It is possible you are eligible to receive monetary compensation to cover medical bills, loss of pay due to missing work, in addition to pain and suffering. Many people in this scenario choose to consult with a Las Vegas trucking accident lawyer to find out more about their legal options.

What injuries can a passenger driver sustain when in an accident with a truck?
If injured in a Las Vegas truck accident, a car driver may sustain any or a combination of the following injuries:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Crushed limbs or extremities
  • Burns due to fire or hazardous material spilling from the truck
  • Spinal cord and back injuries
  • Nerve damage to extremities
  • Internal bleeding
  • Deep cuts and lacerations
  • Seatbelt and airbag injuries
  • Wrongful death

What should I do after getting into an accident with a truck?
Get medical attention right away. Do not wait hours or days to be seen by a doctor. You may be suffering from internal bleeding, a traumatic brain injury, or another condition in which symptoms do not surface right away. Especially when it comes to back injuries, you may not feel the repercussions of the impact until days or even weeks later.

Contact a trucking accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV clients recommend who is familiar with cases like yours. A Las Vegas trucking accident lawyer can help you decide what your options are, and the best route for trying to get compensation from the offending truck driver for your injuries.

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