When you’ve been in a collision with a truck, you should have a trucking accident lawyer who Las Vegas, NV drivers depend upon. Nadia von Magdenko has been helping people get maximum compensation for years. Guided by a passionate zeal to protect the rights of people who may not realize their voice matters, Nadia von Magdenko is prepared to fight tooth and nail to get clients justice.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, Las Vegas trucking accident lawyer Nadia von Magdenko and her team are happy to review your case and explain what legal options you may have. She may help determine which party or parties should be held liable for your injuries.

Catastrophic Injuries

A seasoned trucking accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV victims depend on understands that truck accidents can cause devastating results. The size and weight of trucks as compared to cars often results in catastrophic injuries for the victims. It can take months or even years to recover from them. Sadly, there are many victims who are left permanently disabled and are never able to return to living their life the way it was before the accident. Even more tragic are the victims who do not survive their injuries, leaving families to grieve the senseless loss of their loved one.

The ensuing aftermath may be so overwhelming that you experience anger, frustration, hurt, anxiety, or severe depression. In fact, it’s not unusual to feel all of those emotions. As a Las Vegas trucking accident lawyer, Nadia von Magdenko strives to make you feel as comfortable as possible while pursuing compensation for you through an injury claim or lawsuit. She can guide you through the litigation process so that you will know what to expect. If you’re ready to speak with a trucking accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, please call Nadia von Magdenko now.

What You Should Do After a Truck Accident

If you’ve just been in a truck accident, an experienced trucking accident lawyer may suggest that you consider following these steps:

  • Call the Police. It’s crucial that the police and medical first responders are called to the scene as soon as possible. The police should investigate and document the scene for their accident report. If it is not a hazard to other vehicles or traffic, don’t move your vehicle or clean up the accident scene prior to the officer arriving.
  • Document the scene. As long as you’re physically able to do so, try to collect the name and contact details of the other parties involved as well as from any witnesses. Use your phone to take pictures or videos of the scene and its surroundings. Be sure to get the license plate and insurance information of the truck driver and any other vehicles that are involved in the accident. You can provide this information to a trucking accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV has to offer during your initial consultation. This will help them determine who was at fault for the accident.
  • Get medical attention. Even if you feel like you were not hurt, a trucking accident lawyer will probably suggest that you seek medical attention right away. It is not uncommon for injury symptoms to take several days or longer to appear. By disregarding possible injuries, you risk further hurting yourself or causing long term health issues. In addition, insurance companies may require medical documentation before discussing a settlement.
  • Don’t make any statements or apologies. Accidents can stir up a wealth of emotions and cause you to feel vulnerable. Do your best to stay calm and avoid saying anything that could be interpreted wrongly. This same principle applies when the insurance carrier calls you for your version of events. Rather than talking to them, you can let them know that Nadia von Magdenko, your trucking accident lawyer, will be in touch.
  • Don’t sign or agree to anything. If the negligent party or their insurance company asks you to sign a letter agreeing to a settlement amount, you should politely decline. Regardless of how much they offer, a trucking accident lawyer can tell you if they think it’s significantly less than a fair offer. Your attorney may be able to negotiate a substantially higher settlement.

The Dangers of Overloaded Cargo Trucks

The physical risks of passengers drivers who share the road with commercial trucks are obvious to most people. The average truck can weigh around 80,000 pounds while the average passenger vehicle weighs around 5,000 pounds. The repercussions of a truck driver being at-fault for an accident is substantial, as the car driver is likely to suffer from severe physical, mental, emotional, and financial damages.

If you have recently been involved in an accident, you can turn to the professionalism of trucking accident lawyer Nadia von Magdenko for guidance. She has been strategically dedicated to fighting for the rights of Las Vegas, NV residents for years.

How Overloaded Trucks Can Get onto the Roadways

The maximum weight of a truck is calculated by Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The weight is determined based on brake limitation, frame, suspension and powertrain. Depending on the structure of the truck, it can be very difficult for an accurate weight to be measured, thus permitting a dangerously heavy cargo truck to be driving around on the road.

Why Overloaded Trucks are Threatening

An overloaded truck can cause a life-threatening situation if the truck were to rollover or crash into another vehicle. Trucks that exceed a safe weight capacity can be threatening to other vehicles on the road in the following ways:

  • Increased distance needed in order to stop safely, particularly on downgrades or hills.
  • Increased downgrade speed due to force of additional weight.
  • Slower uphill speed & increased likelihood to stall uphill or roll backwards.
  • Elevated center of gravity, which can contribute to rollovers.
  • Difficulty or loss of steering wheel control.

Dangerous & Hazardous Materials

Not all commercial trucks are carrying safe goods. Sometimes the cargo being hauled includes very dangerous materials or harmful chemicals. If these materials are released into the air or spilled at the scene of an accident, the results can be catastrophic. A semi truck may be carrying any of the following kinds of hazardous materials:

  • Combustible Solids
  • Radioactive Equipment
  • Oxidizers
  • Corrosives
  • Flammable Gas
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Explosives

Trucking Accident Claims and Lawsuits

A professional trucking accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV provides knows how complicated a truck accident claim can be. These cases are complex because there is often more than one party who may be held responsible for the accident. This is why it is critical that you not attempt to deal with the trucking company’s insurance carrier on your own. You may benefit from hiring an experienced trucking accident lawyer. Nadia von Magdenko has the depth of experience required to successfully represent your best interests.

Unlike other types of motor vehicle accidents where there is typically only a driver who is at-fault, a truck accident can involve liability spread across several parties. They may include any or all of the following:

  • The truck driver.
  • The trucking company where the driver works.
  • The freight company who loaded the cargo the truck driver was transporting.
  • The truck part manufacturer who provided a defective truck part which caused the accident.

Since there are often multiple parties involved, a victim attempting to pursue an injury claim without an attorney may be unprepared. The insurance company or liable parties may employ underhanded tactics to cover up evidence and hide their culpability. They may delay processing of the claim to exert financial pressure on the victim who faces astronomical medical expenses and loss of income because they’re unable to work. This type of pressure is used in order to get a victim to settle their case for far less than it is worth.

Nadia von Magdenko has extensive experience in the tactics that trucking companies use. The medical bills to cover the costs of emergency visits, diagnostics and treatments of your injuries due the accident can add up all too quickly. We can understand the pressure and stress you may be feeling on your shoulders, in addition to trying to heal from your injuries. We may help you seek financial repayment for the wounds and tears to your body caused by the truck driver or company at fault.

Contact a Las Vegas, NV Trucking Accident Lawyer

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