Any accident that occurs can disrupt someone’s life and at times be overwhelming. Most of the time people are unsure of whom all they must contact after an accident has occurred. Motorcycle accidents tend to be scarier as well as more confusing so Brandy Austin Law decided it was time we address this issue. There is no reason someone should be go through such a horrific event and be lost in the aftermath.

What to do immediately after your motorcycle accident

  •      Call 911 immediately! Don’t wait! It’s important that a medical professional sees you. Motorcyclists suffer from severe injuries that can be life threatening without your knowledge. If you are the driver that has hit the motorcyclist please call 911.
  •      Once recovered you will want to call an attorney. Your attorney can contact your insurance provider and handle the case so that your words are not used against you. DO NOT SPEAK TO ANYONE ABOUT YOUR ACCIDENT. You do not want to jeopardize your case.
  •      Next you’ll save all accident report, medical documentation, vehicle repair bills, and insurance statements. DO NOT SIGN ANY DOCUMENTS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND! Refer everything to an attorney.

Why do I need an attorney?

  •      Insurance companies can settle your claim without an attorney, like a motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington TX trusts, but most likely you will not receive compensation in the amount that you are rightfully due. Insurance companies tend to negotiate for lower payouts.
  •      The insurance company for the other party involved might try to pin the blame on you! Texas has what is called a modified comparative fault rule. This works on a scale with 50/50 being the starting point. If you are more than 50 percent at fault then you might be kept from recovering anything!
  •      There are negligent drivers and its imperative that you have someone fighting for you. Others cars and trucks on the road are the number one reason motorcycle accidents occur so why not be protected?

What happens after my claim is filed and I begin my lawsuit?

  •      We will file claims for your motorcycle repairs
  •      We will investigate the accident. We want to ensure that you receive what is due to you so we will look over all evidence, review accident photos, and call in experts.
  •      We will file a claim in the proper court if your case must go to trial.
  •      Negotiate a settlement
  •      After negotiations we have to do what we can to collect your settlement and ensure you are on track to receiving your settlement.

What will I receive?

  •      Everything in your case will be determined on each thing that happens to you. All medical bills will be looked at along with time off work and repairs to your motorcycle.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Brandy Austin Law Firm PLLC for their insight into motorcycle accident cases.


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