Sexual assault is not just a rape. It means many more things, which are a violation of your body.

Sexual assault means someone is making you undergo a sexual act without your consent.


Touching your body inappropriately.

Forcing victim to touch attackers body.

Being sexually assaulted is never your fault.

Sexual assault victims can be any gender and any age. Your physical appearance, personality or age have nothing to do with a sexual attack. It is about strength.  After a sexual assault, Nadia can help you get that strength back.

Although depending on the type of sexual assault, it can be consider a misdemeanor or felony, the police often do not press charges against the attacker. The civil courts provide answers when the criminal courts fail you.

Nadia does not just bring lawsuits against corporations who allow sexual assaults to happen right under their nose. Nadia will here for you while you pick up the pieces of your life. Nadia prides herself on talking as much as necessary with each client about what they are going through that day. Nadia is always available to talk.

Nadia will help you get needed therapeutic care, so you can put your life back together.

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