In order to know when you need to hire an insurance lawyer, you need to know what an insurance lawyer does. And to know what an insurance lawyer does, you need to understand what insurance is for.

Insurance is designed to protect us against unlikely, expensive accidents. Things like medical bills, car accidents, home repairs, or disability. We all need insurance because we can’t afford to pay for catastrophic expenses by ourselves. By buying insurance, we essentially pay a smaller, guaranteed amount each month to ensure we’re covered if the worst happens. If you need it, the insurance company should pay you without the need to get a lawyer involved.

But sometimes, the insurance company doesn’t do what they’re supposed to. You see, they make money by taking in more in premiums than they pay out in claims. So if they can avoid paying claims entirely or pay you less than you’re entitled to, their shareholders make more money. Essentially, they have an interest in denying, delaying, or reducing your claim.

Insurance lawyers  trusts can help you fight back against insurance companies. Insurance claims adjusters are professionals at finding ways to reduce or deny claims. An insurance lawyer is a professional at making insurance claims and making sure the insurance company does what it’s been paid to do. If an insurance company still doesn’t do what it should, an insurance lawyer may be able to sue the insurance company to make them do what their contract says they have to.

So when should you hire an insurance lawyer? The best time is to hire one as soon as you know you need to make an insurance claim. That way they can guide you through the process from the very beginning to help you recover everything you’re entitled to from the insurance company. That’s not to say you can’t wait though. If you want to try to handle your claim yourself, that’s fine, but know that if the insurance company isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, you can always turn to an insurance lawyer for help. In addition, most insurance lawyers will offer contingent fee agreements in some cases, so you won’t necessarily have to come up with a large retainer up front. So there you have it, I hope that answered your question about when to hire an insurance lawyer.

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